Types of inspections
Process witness
Presence and personal supervision during technological and control processes. Verification of compliance with technological and / or control procedures directly at the workplace of the monitored technological / control operation. Focus of control on compliance with the parameters of the monitored processes, such as welding, NDE, heat treatment, TMP (thermo-mechanical processes), stress tests, pressure tests, functional tests, etc.
Pre-expedition inspection
Inspections carried out mainly at the manufacturer after the completion of all production, finishing and packaging activities of the manufacturer. The purpose of the inspection is to verify the readiness of the order for dispatch, ie its completeness, packaging, marking (shipping marks)
Final Quality Inspection (FI)
Carrying out a final quality inspection in order to verify the quality of the delivered product. The Final Inspection consists of an inspection of the manufacturer's final documentation, an inspection of the manufacturer's documents and records of the performance of the prescribed inspections and a random inspection of critical product quality features at the inspection site. The focus of the inspection is on the main features of quality (properties, accuracy, dimensions, quantity, etc.) of the manufactured goods.
Inspection of the manufacturer's processes in order to verify the capacity and organizational level needed to secure commitments to a specific customer contract. Part of the expediting inspection or activities is a comparison of the current state of production with the order schedule.
Supervision during unloading
Checking the completeness and integrity of the goods after transport.
Quality Inspection Monitoring/Running Ispection
This is a multiple, repeated quality control in the production process in order to verify the manufacturer's compliance with the quality plan points. The inspection is performed according to the approved control plan (Quality Plan, Test Control Plan, Standards, etc.) with a focus on monitoring the manufacturer's control processes and the main processes that have a decisive influence on the quality (properties, accuracy, dimensions, quantity, etc.) of manufactured goods.
Supervision during loading
Checking the completeness of the delivery according to the client's order and according to the packing lists (this is not a quantity physical check).